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Monday, June 27, 2005

Car Wash!

You make it DIRTY!We make it PURTY!Here is a few pics of our cheer squad at our car wash fundraiser we had for new uniforms!

Here is me holding a sign so people can see that we are having a car wash! Posted by Hello

Here is my coach washing a car! Posted by Hello

Here is the cheer squad washing my great-grandmother's car! Posted by Hello

Here is me washing a car! Posted by Hello

Friday, June 17, 2005

Happy B-day To Me!

Here is a few pics of my b-day party!

WELCOME TO MY B-DAY! Posted by Hello

My group's scavenger hunt!

Play that music girl! Posted by Hello

Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear! Posted by Hello

Here fishy fishy! Posted by Hello

Here is in front of the Nascar Man! Posted by Hello

Eating and Presents Time!

Here is me as everyone is singing Happy Birthday,before we start the scavenger hunt! Posted by Hello

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Awards Ceremony!

At school we had a sports award ceremony,here are a few pictures of it!

Here is {from left}Me,Carrie,Brooke,and Elle.The reason we took this picture is because a funny coincidence happened;we each got most improved in the sport we played! Posted by Hello

Here is everyone at the awards ceremony,if you look in the front you can see the cheerleaders,I got most improved in football! Posted by Hello

Feels Like Home to Me!

This is a series of photos that were all taken in our home of things that have happened since I last updated you with pictures!

Posted by Hello

Mom's rosebush! Posted by Hello

"Hi,what's your name?,""Oh,my name is sock head!" This is a fun game my family likes to play with Annie,you take a sock,put it on her head,and then sit back and watch her try to take it off! Posted by Hello

This is the injured bird Alan found in our front yard! Posted by Hello

This is the beautiful iris my 4th grade teacher gave me! Posted by Hello

This is my step-dad heading to his new job on his very first day! Posted by Hello

I f you can't see the stick,it says MY MOM IS PREGNANT! Posted by Hello

This is my cat Molly,she likes bubble baths! Posted by Hello

My mommy found out sheas pregnant,Here is a picture of my mom's belly! Posted by Hello


These are a few pictures of me and my mom in Florida!

Here is me and my mom on the beach!AREN'T WE CUTE! Posted by Hello

Here is me walking on the beach in my new bathing suit cover up I got at a cool beach vintage clothing type store on the boardwalk! Posted by Hello

Here is me outside the pizza place we ate at on the boardwalk,they had a lot of cool tstores and food places there. Posted by Hello

Here is a picture of one of the lobbies of the Nikki Beach Club. Posted by Hello