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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Hilary Duff~ Posted by Hello

Hilary Duff listening to a bratz cd! Posted by Hello

Me and mommy'chillin'! Posted by Hello

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

And a dog from the heavens says,"Hello world,I am Annie! Posted by Hello

And a dog from the heavens says,"Hello world,I am Annie! Posted by Hello


So,I have a lot of favorite things,and I am now going to show you a few pics of my favorite hollywood stars,Hilary Duff and Tom Welling!

Tom Welling! Posted by Hello

Words can't even begin to say how hot he is! Posted by Hello

Work the hair! Posted by Hello

The Math! Posted by Hello

Here's a pic of Hilary Duff and Tom Welling!My 2 favorite actresses and actors! Posted by Hello

Here's a cheerleader you can color! Posted by Hello


OK,so I know you have to be bored and if you are print out this b-e-a-utiful picture of me and color it!Sorry I posted it twice,the computer messed up!

This is what it looks like normally! Posted by Hello

Here it is! Posted by Hello

Here's a picture of my baby dog playing dress up,nails painted and everything!You know she's just adorable! Posted by Hello

This is me and Morgie during the game and as you can see she's very tired! Posted by Hello


OK,so as you know i'm a cheerleader.So,i've decided to show you a few pics of our last game,ENJOY!

And last but not least our whole squad! Posted by Hello

Me and Haley! Posted by Hello

This is me,Haley,Aalia,and Taelor! Posted by Hello

Me and Brooke again! Posted by Hello

This is us getting ready to do our floor cheer,"We've got the beat" Posted by Hello

This is me and Brooke talking during the game,I sure hope the coaches didn't see us! Posted by Hello

This is us doing a cheer for the crowd during a little time out! Posted by Hello

This is my friend Taelor and off to the side behind the orange chair is Sarah! Posted by Hello

This is my friend Lesley! Posted by Hello

This is most of my cheer squad at the end of the year party! Posted by Hello